Rooted in Coffee EP 7: The Green Coffee Buyer w/ Bram De Hoog

Bram de Hoog is on an continuous journey of curiosity in the world of coffee. For the last seven years he has travel...

Rooted in Coffee EP 6: Accessing the World of Flavor in Competition w/ Dale Harris

During the 2023 Producer Roaster Forum, we had the privilege of speaking with Dale Harris. Dale is the 2017 World Ba...

Rooted in Coffee EP 5: The Creator/Competitor Balance w/ Morgan Eckroth

During the 2023 Ally Open Summit in Brazil, we had the privilege of sitting down with Morgan Eckroth to chat about v...

Rooted in Coffee EP 4: Personalities and Coffee Competition w/ Diego Campos

Diego Campos is the 2021 World Barista Champion and Brand Ambassador at Cafe Amor Perfecto. He owns Diego Camp...

Rooted in Coffee EP 3: The Future of Specialty Coffee w/ Yannis Apostolopoulos

Yannis Apostolopoulos is the CEO of the Specialty Coffee Association and also serves as a board director for World...

Rooted in Coffee EP 2: Beyond Third Wave w/ Trish Rothgeb

During World of Coffee Athens 2023, we had the privilege of speaking with Trish Rothgeb. Trish is the co-founder a...

Rooted in Coffee EP 1: Why Rooted in Coffee?

Why Rooted in Coffee? In our first episode, Nick and Ricardo what Rooted in Coffee means and what is really behind th...
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