Rooted in Coffee EP 1: Why Rooted in Coffee?

We’re proud to announce our podcast Rooted in Coffee launches today! Hosted by Creative Project Manager Nick Castellano and Chief Operating Officer Ricardo Pereira, Rooted in Coffee will feature experts from inside and outside of the coffee industry discussing challenges and potential solutions to continue moving coffee forward. 

“We want to be a podcast that really deals with some of the struggles that we're talking about, that talk about some of the problems that we face, bring in people with relevant information and, even sometimes people that are not even in the coffee industry and how they have taken their approach to solve problems in their respective industries... and how can we tie all of that back into origin,” explains Ricardo in this first episode.

0:27 What motivates us in coffee?

2:45 Why are we doing this podcast, Rooted in Coffee

4:35 Who are some of the upcoming guests?

6:30 Why do this podcast now to keep moving the coffee industry forward?

9:40 We will be doing a hybrid podcast between remote and in-person recordings

You can find each episode as they release here on our blog, on our YouTube channel, on Spotify, and on Apple.

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