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Q Arabica Grader Course and Exams

Ally Coffee — Greenville, SC

Ally Coffee’s US Specialty headquarters and learning lab in Greenville, South Carolina is offering the Q Arabica Grader Combination Course and Exams October 8th-13th 2018.

This is a 6 Day course that evaluates coffee sensory analysis ability in 8 testing categories that total 18 practical exams and 1 written exam. The first 3 days review information related to the exams and provide pre-exam practice. The second 3 days are devoted to exams only.

Any questions, please email or phone 864–275–4252 for her direct line.
And if you are already Q-Certified, complete Q-Arabica calibration Oct 14–15.

See you at the cupping table!

View upcoming Q Arabica courses at Ally Coffee. 

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