Q Arabica Calibration Course

What: Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Q Grader Calibration Course for Arabica coffee
Where: Ally Coffee Specialty Lab, Greenville, SC 1801 Rutherford Road
Who attends: Q Graders whose licenses are about to expire or have already expired.
Who teaches: Trish Rothgeb and Ildi Revi
Why: Calibration Testing is required for those Q Graders whose licenses are about to expire or have already expired.


The core of CQI’s Q Coffee System is built on the cupping skills of the Q Grader. The objective and standardized evaluation of the Q Grader is essential to maintain the integrity of the Q Coffee System. A calibration activity reestablishes the parameters of how to identify various quality levels in coffee. The activity will consist of three tasting sessions.

Ally Coffee’s learning program supports coffee professionals at all points in their careers. This calibration course is an essential part of maintaining the common coffee sensory evaluation vocabulary of the industry.

We are thrilled to have Trish Rothgeb coming in as one of the course’s instructors. Two trailblazing women in coffee will serve as expert teachers and guides.

Contact with any questions. Q Graders, see you in Greenville.

View upcoming Q Calibration sessions at Ally Coffee.

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