Harvest, Shipment, and Arrival Timeline

Ally Coffee’s sourcing team is based in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. Using data from the past two year’s harvests, we’ve put together a timeline of harvest periods, shipment periods, and arrival periods for coffees from different origins. 

This information is intended as a guide to help you better understand harvest and shipment cycles of different coffee origins. Remember that things change every year, and part of working with coffee is the ability to be adaptive. 

Coffee is an agricultural product, and each year’s harvest is variable due to a host of factors. Many countries, like Brazil, harvest for roughly half the year, with peak harvest occurring in different months in each growing region based on elevation and other climate conditions that year. In Colombia, changes in weather patterns have led to a nearly year-round harvest, which means shipments and arrivals are dispersed throughout the year. 

Agriculture is unpredictable, and sometimes weather events slow down or speed up harvesting and processing. Political conditions and events such as transport strikes or port restrictions can also delay exports when there are roadblocks or facility closures. Events like the global Coronavirus pandemic shift availability of labor, which also impacts production and harvest cycles.

Head over to the Origin section of our blog for the latest reports from coffee producing countries. Our field notes reflect the sourcing team’s meetings with producers, processors, and exporters as well as updates from producer partners.

We only offer coffees we love and we only source from partners we trust. We build these producer partnerships slowly over many years. In this format, everyone thrives: producers see meaningful economic returns compounded across harvests, you receive consistently delicious coffee, and we are able to invest in whole communities. By the time you see a coffee offered on our site, there are usually two to four years of sourcing and quality control work behind it.

No two years are the same, and agriculture’s variability means that production teams are always responding to what the trees produce. We share updates when coffees arrive in the warehouse. To sample or purchase spot coffees, talk to your Account Manager or fill out our Contact form with questions!

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