Adding Value to Coffee Production

Coffee producers Rodrigo Sanchez of Colombia, Diego Baraona of El Salvador, and Diego Robelo of Costa Rica discuss the techniques, elements, and fundamental practices at their farms to increase profitability and perceived value from the crop to the bag.

4:23 Understanding the one's value from the inside
7:59 The effect of worker land ownership at Aquiares in Costa Rica
8:53 The generational gap and the issues origin face
12:40 Los Pirineos on how they needed to differentiate themselves in the market
16:56 Finding the opportunity to innovate and create in origin
22:15 Creating and managing a complex portfolio of coffee profiles
25:10 Times of crisis as moments of bringing value to coffee producers through solutions
27:55 Understanding the holistic look and importance of the entire supply chain from producer to final consumer
31:00 Creating a mental capacity to believe where coffee producers can arrive in the market
36:00 How to strategize a value add at coffee production
45:30 Understanding how to research and decide varieties

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