Q Arabica Online Preparation

Q Arabica Online Preparation

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This course is available online, anytime for coffee professionals anywhere in the world. 

The purpose of this Q Arabica Online Preparation Course is to give information on each of the Q Arabica Grader tests and how to prepare for each one. This self-guided, online course is for preparation only and is NOT registration for the Q exam.

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This Q Arabica Online Preparation Course covers the following:

  1. The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), the Q system, and the work that CQI does that Q Graders support.
  2. What it means to be a Q Grader, including guidelines, rules, calibration, and re-certification
  3. The Q Arabica Tests - what each test measures, test description, passing score, how to prepare, and helpful information to increase your understanding in order to pass each of the following tests:
  • Cupping Tests
  • Triangulation Tests
  • Olfactory Tests
  • Sensory Skills Tests
  • Matching Pairs Test
  • Green Coffee Test
  • Roasted Coffee Test
  • Sample Roasting Test
  • General Knowledge Test

This preparation course is designed to aid those studying to take the full Q Arabica Training and Exam Course or looking to expand their knowledge of the industry’s standards for evaluating Arabica coffee quality. This online course includes written and video tutorials that can be reviewed at your own pace.

The complete Q Arabica on-site course is no longer given at Ally Coffee. However, because the Q exam is standardized, this material is universal for any location at which you sign up to take the full course.

This course is not eligible for coupon codes or other discounts.

Course Preview

Ildi Revi, M.Ad.Ed., is a Q-instructor and has designed and conducted educator training for over 25 years for companies, educational institutions, government projects, and NGO’s. She managed the design and development of all the SCA courses with subject matter experts at SCA and has delivered classes to coffee professionals around the world.

Materials in this online course are presented in 11 modules that thoroughly outline the 8 areas tested in the Q Arabica Training and Exam Course (Cupping, Triangulation, Olfactory, Sensory, Matching Pairs, Green Coffee, Roasted Coffee, Sample Roasting).

Materials include PDF documents related to the SCA cupping protocol used during the training and exam and describe the language and format of the tests. The preparation tools provide background information about how sensory evaluation tools are used in the coffee industry and how specialty coffee evaluation has evolved (the modifications of the flavor wheels, etc). Completing the Q Arabica Online Preparation Course gives an overview of defects in coffee, organic acids, and cupping etiquette, and other information useful to those who plan to one day take the Q Arabica Training and Exam Course. 

Clicking the "Purchase Course” button will redirect you to the PACE site to complete the transaction.


  • InstructorsIldi Revi, M.Ad. Ed.
  • Format Online
  • RequirementsNone
  • Ideal forProfessionals preparing for Q Arabica Grader Testing
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