Specialty Coffee Expo 2023 - Join us in Portland!

Specialty Coffee Expo 2023 is right around the corner, and we’re eagerly looking forward to connecting with everyone at the show! This year, we’re thrilled to collaborate with our friends at Clearpath Coffee on both a cupping and a panel presentation, as well as to have a full weekend to catch up with those throughout the industry and meet new people from around the world. Check out all of the details for where and when you can find us below!

Booth 1509

You can find us at Booth 1509 on the show floor all weekend long, where we’ll be brewing alongside some of our roaster clients at our dual brew bars.
  • Pour Over Bar - Join us throughout the weekend as clients brew coffees sourced from Ally producer partners from around the world, ranging from classic cup profiles to brand new processing methods. Roasters and coffees will change over frequently, so stop by often to see what’s available!
  • Ally Coffee Brew Bar - Connect with members of the Ally Coffee team as they brew and serve coffees representing our diverse collection of offerings including Core Coffees, microlots, and more.
Images from Specialty Coffee Expo 2022

Images from Expo 2022, clockwise from top left: Luiz Tinoco, Market Intelligence Manager; Ally team members Sandy Infante, Jeff Courson, and Benjamin Karski; coffee producers Rodrigo Sanchez and Claudia Samboni of Huila Colombia (center) at the Ally client brew bar; Diego Baraona of Los Pirineos in Usulatan, El Salvador (left), Ally Coffee COO Ricardo Pereira (right)

Booth 1509 is also your hub to meet and reconnect with your allies from throughout our team. People from nearly every department will be available, including logistics, marketing, sales, and sourcing. We cherish events like Expo for the opportunity to spend time with coffee people, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

A big thank you to our equipment and smallwares sponsors for this year’s booth, Marco, Ikawa, Brewista, and Ratio, and to our grinder supplier GH Coffee Solutions!

Cup Co-fermented Coffees of Colombia with Ally Coffee and Clearpath Coffee

Join us and our exporter partner Clearpath Coffee in Room F149 on Saturday, April 22 8:00–9:45 am for a cupping featuring co-fermented coffees from Colombia. These coffees are processed using one of the newest developments in coffee processing, co-fermentation, highlighting a new avenue for coffee producers to explore as they work to move coffee forward.

Learn more about co-fermentation from producers—including Rodrigo Sanchez who will be participating in this cupping—on our blog!

Vicente Mejia, Ricardo Pereira, and Rodrigo Sanchez outdoors in Huila, ColombiaVicente Mejia of Clearpath Coffee, Ricardo Pereira Ally Coffee COO, and Rodrigo Sanchez of Aromas del Sur in Huila, Colombia.

Panel discussion with Ally Coffee and Clearpath Coffee: Infused coffees from producer and consumer perspective

Following the co-fermented coffee cupping on Saturday, join us for a panel discussion exploring infused and co-fermented coffees and their place in the coffee industry. These coffees have sparked conversations and posed questions about the future of coffee processing, and in this panel we’ll hear from professionals throughout the supply chain discussing their experiences and what they envision for the future of this innovation. Panelists will include people representing production, export, import, and roasting, who will share their insights and answer questions from the audience in order to provide a comprehensive view of this novel topic.

The panel Infused coffees from producer and consumer perspective. Are these coffees a good business opportunity or a problem for the industry? Will take place on Saturday, April 22 11:30–12:30 pm in Room B113–114. Then, after the panel, you can taste these coffees and connect with coffee producer Rodrigo Sanchez and exporter Vicente Mejia at the Ally Coffee booth, Booth 1509!

We look forward to seeing you in Portland!
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