Meet Your Ally: Mimi Ångman

Mimi Ångman is the Lab Manager for Ally Coffee’s specialty office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her experience in coffee started behind the bar and from there she followed her curiosity to discover the world of specialty coffee.

Originally from Stockholm, Mimi’s first coffee job was at a café there, where she was drawn in by the spirit of community the café creates. “I really loved the service part and meeting new people every day. The culture, also the regulars having the same drink, sitting at the same table, coming at the same time.”

At this time Mimi was studying media to become a photographer, but she began to wonder if one could have a career in coffee.

In 2011 Mimi moved to Gothenburg, where she heard about a special coffee shop roasting their own coffee working with a wide range of coffees. This is where her specialty coffee education began in earnest. “I had my first specialty coffee espresso there. I loved the acidity.” Not long after that, she started as a barista and shop manager.

Next, Mimi moved to Berlin, Germany in pursuit of coffee. The decision to live abroad was inspired by stories of Berlin’s coffee scene and how extensive it was. Mimi found work as a barista at westberlin coffeebar, where she became an active member of Germany’s coffee community and attend cuppings and events, including competitions like the ones she had first seen online in her early days of coffee Googling. In Berlin she also met Nora, one of Ally’s EU Account Managers and a veteran competitor and barista competition judge, at her café, Chapter One.

After her year of immersion in Berlin, Mimi returned Gothenburg and continued to evolve her coffee skill set, training new baristas and teaching home brewing courses.

Now, managing Ally’s Lab in Gothenburg, Sweden, she is looking forward to “learning and getting a better understanding about about the service chain of coffee. I think many people including myself, do not realize, how long that journey is and how many people have been involved along the way.”
Ally’s Gothenburg Lab is open to clients, so Mimi will still be able to engage in customer service, albeit while setting up the cupping table rather than while pulling shots on bar. “I am excited to talk with all different types of people and see their perspectives, how they approach coffee,” she notes.

If you are passing through Sweden’s lovely port city, reach out to Mimi and the Gothenburg team via the Contact Us form on our site to set up a meeting. Help us welcome Mimi to the Ally Coffee family, where she is part of moving coffee forward!

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