Ally Coffee Champ Trip 2022 - Media from our Guests

The Ally Coffee Champ Trip is an event we excitedly look forward to each year as an opportunity for us to bring coffee people from throughout the industry together at origin. As the official Origin Trip Sponsor for the World Coffee Events and US Coffee Championships’ Barista, Brewers, Roasters, and Cup Tasters competitions, these trips allow us to bring the ends of the supply chain closer together and to create the connections between coffee people that help move the industry forward.

For Champ Trip 2022 we returned to Brazil, where we visited producer and exporting partners in Alta Mogiana, Cerrado Mineiro, and Chapada de Minas. Joining us this year were champion competitors and coffee pros from around the world, as well as local baristas, podcasters, and journalists. With a diverse cast of individuals representing different facets of our industry and a variety of trade publications, we’re thrilled to share here a collection of content published by our guests covering their experiences during this year’s Champ Trip. You can also find our full recap of the trip in our blog article Ally Champ Trip 2022 - Champions in Brazil!

Perfect Daily GrindWhy should coffee competitors go on origin trips? | Perfect Daily GrindWhy Should Coffee Competitors Go On Origin Trips? 

by Tasmin Grant
Barista Magazine
Barista Magazine October/November 2022 CoverField Report | Brazil 

by Sarah Allen

Revista Espresso

Revista Espresso article cover

Pé Na Estrada 
by Natália Camoleze

Torrando idéias

Torrando Ideias logo
Episode 29, Ally Coffee Champ Trip 
with Thiago Rasta


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