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Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245

Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Product image 1Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Product image 2Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Product image 3Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Product image 4Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Product image 5Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Product image 6Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245
Product image 7Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245

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Ally’s Core Coffee from Guatemala is named for the country’s national tree, the Ceiba. In early Mayan and Mesoamerican cultures, the Ceiba symbolized the connection between land and sky. The Ceiba lot from Huehuetenango is a community coffee, investing in sustainable sourcing to benefit a large group of producers. The cup profile boasts a rich floral and berry aroma and is full of chocolate, lemon, and raspberry, with a creamy body thanks to the specific Huehuetenango terroir.

Our sourcing partner for Ceiba, Unitrade Coffee, maintains a close connection with producers and is active in improving regional coffee infrastructure. After the leaf rust epidemic several years ago, Huehuetenango is still recovering and Unitrade’s support of producers has been crucial to keeping family farms in operation. Coffee from the mountain communities around Huehuetenango is specifically selected for its fruity profile.

Read more about our Core Coffee program and check out field notes from sourcing Ceiba.

Want to try this coffee before you buy it? Order a Green or Roasted sample here.

Guatemala Ceiba | 50 lb | A-3245



Huehuetenango is located in the Western highlands of Guatemala bordering Mexico. Thanks to the elevation and varied microclimates of this mountainous region, coffee from Huehuetenango is well known worldwide for its bright and crisp acidity.

Huehuetenango lies in the Los Cuchumatanes mountain range, the highest point of which is known as “La Torre,” which reaches almost 3,800 meters.


  • CountryGuatemala
  • RegionHuehuetenango
  • ProducerSmallholder Farmers
  • FarmSmallholder Farms

Coffee specifications

  • VarietyCaturra, Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Catimor, Sarchimor, Pache, Pacamara
  • ProcessWashed
  • Elevation1500 meters
  • HarvestJanuary–April
  • Coffee CategoryCore Coffee
  • Packaging50 lb box with GrainPro liner
  • CertificationsN/A
  • Tasting NotesCherry, Apricot, Creamy, Chocolate
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