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Anaerobic Processing Green Coffee Bundle

Anaerobic Processing Green Coffee Bundle

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The Anaerobic Processing Bundle features three coffees processed with anaerobic fermentation or carbonic maceration as a defining characteristic of their production, resulting in coffees which spotlight special characteristics from each origin. These lots showcase the dynamic cup profiles achieved through processing innovations like anaerobic fermentation and carbonic maceration, and highlight the skillful and innovative work executed by Ally’s producer partners across the globe.

This bundle contains three 500 g packages of green coffee and features a collection of lots sourced from El Salvador, Ethiopia, and Honduras. See the coffees in this bundle below, and click on each image to learn even more about each offering!

Want to learn more about post-harvest processing? Check out our blog Coffee Processing: Washed, Natural, In-Between, and Beyond!

Discover more about anaerobic fermentation in our blog Producer Insights: Anaerobic Fermentation in Coffee Processing!

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Total Package Weight: 1.5 kilograms


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