Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390

Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Product image 1Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Product image 2Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Product image 3Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Product image 4Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Product image 5Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Product image 6Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390
Product image 7Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390

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Paubrasil delivers the best of a classic Natural processed coffee from the Cerrado and is Ally’s Core Coffee from Brazil. Paubrasil is named for Brazil’s national tree and exemplifies the consistent quality created by Brazil’s seasoned farmers, who use all available technologies to advance production by growing coffees that offer balanced, smooth profiles, despite changing environmental conditions.

Each container of Paubrasil is traceable back to the farm(s) where it was grown through a QR code linking to an online profile compiled prior to shipping the coffee. Paubrasil coffee is transparently certified as part of the Regiao Cerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin program. Coffees certified with the Designation of Origin are grown on farms in an area encompassing 55 municipalities that produce coffees with a unique identity, resulting from the combination of climate, soil, terrain, elevation, and the “know-how” of producers.

Paubrasil’s contributing producers belong to one of nine cooperatives or six associations affiliated with the Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation, have signed a statement of good practices in accordance with Brazilian labor laws, and store coffee in accredited warehouses post-harvest.

Read more about our Core Coffee program and learn about Harvesting and Processing in Cerrado Mineiro.

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    Brazil Paubrasil | 50 lb | A-5390


    Cerrado Mineiro

    The Cerrado Mineiro region, located in northwest of Minas Gerais State is a world-recognized, high-quality coffee producing origin and is the first “Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)” in Brazil. A strong characteristic of this region is its well-defined seasons—a hot, wet summer followed by a pleasantly dry winter. Minas Gerais is Brazil’s principal agricultural state, and the Cerrado is home to many of the country’s most established coffee estates, with expertise in planting, harvesting, drying, and sorting. We love Cerrado coffees for their big body, rich chocolate notes, and velvety texture when pulled as espresso.

    Cerrado coffee farms are cultivated in areas with elevations varying between 800 and 1,300 meters and are known for consistently producing high quality coffees with a repeatable profile. Independent of farm size, the spirit of professionalism is present across Cerrado’s coffee producers. Entrepreneurialism is part of farmers’ DNA, and many producers are second or third generation growers who also hold degrees in agronomic engineering, business management, and administration. While each family narrative is different, Cerrado is characterized by an enterprising attitude.

    In Cerrado Mineiro, there are 210,000 hectares in production, 102,000 of which are certified by the Designation of Origin program, and 68,000 hectares use irrigation systems. The area’s 4,500 farmers produce a combined average of 5 million bags per harvest, with an average of 35 bags per hectare. Coffee from Cerrado Mineiro represents 12.7% of Brazilian production and 24.5% of Minas Gerais production.


    • CountryBrazil
    • RegionCerrado Mineiro
    • ProducerCerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin accredited producers
    • FarmCerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin accredited farms

    Coffee specifications

    • VarietyYellow Catuai
    • ProcessNatural
    • Elevation1000 meters
    • HarvestYear-Round
    • Coffee CategoryCore Coffee
    • Packaging50 lb box with GrainPro liner
    • CertificationsCerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin
    • Tasting NotesDried Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Almond
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